Faith Alliance Church


  Faith Alliance Church



We are moms who support and encourage each other through bi-monthly meetings where we share and learn so we can grow to be stronger mothers.



What can I expect at a meeting? 


A lot of chatting, laughing and fun! We will discuss a topic of interest to us as mothers, sometimes have special speakers, and always have food! Our group loves meeting new moms and you will quickly feel like you've always been one of the crew!



Where and when do you meet? 


We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, August through May at Faith Alliance Church, located at 1309 Umstead Rd.  Our meetings start at 6:30pm and end at 8:15pm.
Click here for directions. 

We also periodically meet for other events throughout the year. Check the calendar for specific dates.



Is childcare provided? 


Yes, but space is limited. We ask that if you are able to make other arrangements for childcare to please do so to enable those without other options to still be able to come. Infants are welcome to attend meetings with their mothers.